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Serving New York City's diverse communities for over 30 years!


Commercial businesses throughout New York City and Westchester county have been coming to Sanitation Salvage Corp for over 30 years. They know that a commercial waste management company MUST fully understand the specific type of business they are dealing with before trying to manage their waste.

Each industry is different, and their waste management needs GREATLY vary. Sanitation Salvage has customized solutions for each industry they service. From the restaurant owner who is dealing with large amounts of rapidly decaying foodstuffs, to the clothing or furniture retailer who handles hundreds or even thousands of pieces of packing and shipping materials on a daily basis. Even for the hotel owner/manager, whose needs vary based on the layout of the facility, capacity, whether they have a pool or spa, and whether they have on-premise restaurants and food services. We have a solution for your personal business.

Corporate and commercial business liability is also an area of Sanitation Salvage's industry expertise. Our licensed and fully ensured waste staff keeps you in compliance with all federal, state, and city laws. Finally, rest assured that your business is doing its part to conserve the environment. Once your waste has been hauled away, we utilize a wide array of environmentally friendly methods to properly dispose of it. Sanitation Salvage KNOWS that New York is the greatest city in the world, and works hard to assure it stays that way.

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