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Serving New York City's diverse communities for over 30 years!


Sanitation Salvage Corp has been proudly serving the needs of residential clients for over 30 years. Fully licensed and insured, we are the industry experts at the quick, efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly disposal of your residential waste products.

From outdated or unwanted home appliances, to furniture you've recently replaced. Even for home remodeling or construction debris, Sanitation Salvage brings their vast experience to the table and comes up with a waste solution that fits your needs.

We understand that waste removal and cleanouts in your home can be VERY stressful. Balancing the twin responsibilities of getting the job done quickly, while being sure to avoid any damage whatsoever to your residence can only be accomplished by a responsible team of workers and equipment experts.

Once your waste has been hauled away, we utilize a wide array of environmentally friendly methods to properly dispose of it. Sanitation Salvage KNOWS that New York is the greatest city in the world and works hard to assure it stays that way.

Sanitation Salvage brings the necessary experience and expertise to the table and does your job the right way.

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Sanitation Salvage
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